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          College CounselinG

          Your College & Academic Counseling Team

          The college admissions process is a pivotal period in a high school student’s life and is a process that involves the whole family. We desire to come alongside our students and families throughout the process to make it personal, meaningful, and targeted to individual needs. We demystify the process to empower students to apply to colleges that are best suited to them, emotionally and academically, allowing them to connect beyond the classroom. 

          The King’s Academy places a high value on guiding students through the college and academic planning process so students become more aware of their unique set of talents and strengths.  Through the process, students feel confident in selecting the college or university that best matches their personal, career, and life goals.  

          By asking the right type of questions, and through careful introspection and consideration, we work together to find a set of colleges and universities that are best aligned with your child’s academic and extracurricular interests, career aspirations, and financial aid requirements.  Our primary goal is to help students find the best “fit”  institution where they will be successful and thrive during this important phase of their lives.

          Our primary mission is to enable students to use their God-given gifts in pursuit of their life’s calling with confidence and maturity. 

          College Enrollment & Acceptances

          College and Academic Counseling Services

          Our comprehensive program includes informational presentations at each grade level, individualized counseling, and current tools for our students and families to navigate the college admissions process successfully.

          9th Grade

          We provide the following services for 9th Graders:

          • Administer PSAT 8/9 testing on campus and distribute test results 
          • Present 9th Grade Parent Night with college counselors 
          • Introduce Naviance Student™ accounts and register students
          • Provide workshops for learning style inventories and career exploration 
          • Assist with creating a 4-year academic plan
          • Guide in selecting Honors and Advanced Placement (AP) courses
          • Encourage students to attend local or hosted Christian College Fair

          10th Grade

          We provide the following services for 10th Graders:

          • Meet with all students and their parents
          • Provide strategies for ACT/SAT testing, academic planning, and preparing for college admissions 
          • Present 10th Grade Parent Night with college counselors 
          • Administer PSAT and interpret scores
          • Assist students with college search and career exploration using Naviance Student™  
          • Assign Do What You Are, Myers-Briggs based personality test and Holland Code Interest Inventory via Family Connection 
          • Encourage students to attend local or hosted Christian College Fair

          11th Grade

          We provide the following services for 11th Graders:

          • Assign a college counselor to each student at the beginning of the year
          • Present 11th Grade Parent Night with college counselors 
          • Provide workshops, group session discussion, and classroom presentations to prepare for the college admissions process
          • Assist with career exploration and self-assessment
          • Administer PSAT on campus and provide score interpretation 
          • Assist with planning for coursework and timing of SAT subject tests
          • Encourage students to attend local or hosted Christian College Fair
          • Distribute counseling packets prior to Semester 2 (Packet must be completed to schedule a college planning meeting.)

          12th Grade

          We provide the following services for 12th Graders:

          • Use Naviance Student ™ to assist with the college search and application process
          • Conduct individual college search and application counseling sessions
          • Lead college application and essay-writing workshops
          • Organize college admission officer visits on campus 
          • Write personalized recommendation letters for college admissions

          For College Representatives

          The King’s Academy welcomes visits from college and university representatives throughout the school year. Schedule a visit to our campus through RepVisits™ or contact Tami Chamness at tami.chamness@tka.org


          Rebecca Threewitt
          Anita Katter
          College & Academic Counselor

          Julie Meadows
          College & Academic Counselor

          David Yu
          Academic Counselor
          Tami Chamness
          Administrative Assistant

          Walk-In Hours
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